Type O

Characteristics of Type O

  • Strongly purpose-oriented
  • Straight desire
  • Conscious of power relationship
  • Know how to take chances
  • Dislike to be subordinate
  • Romantic-natured
  • Realistic judgment and action
  • Straight-line thinking
  • Strong fellow consciousness
  • Personal contact
  • Extremely cautious to non-fellows
  • Prefer individualistic things
  • Self-assertion and self-expression
  • Great command of language
  • Act on the basis of fundamental rules
  • Control feelings easily
  • Strongly conscious of the society
  • Straightly show feelings
  • Expressive

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood-Type Women White Paper). 


Personality differences of men and women is almost nonexistent. However, Type O people are strongly conscious of their sex. Even a boyish type-O woman thinks she is a woman after all. On the contrary, if a type-AB person seems to manly or feminine, it seldom considers sex distinction.

The strong consciousness of sex is the indication of the natural nature of Type O. However, Type O personality is *not* primitive but natural. In other words, natural means humane. As the blood type becomes type A, type B and type AB, apart from the nature a little by a little and from the human. 

A type-O woman sometimes does not seem to be feminine. Natural differences of personality between men and women are small, but social differences are large.


A type-O person gives priority to its life and actions, first of all. Various personality traits of type O are born from there.

Surprisingly strong reality is of type O.  O gropes the most advantageous action to exist, distinguishes pluses and minuses swiftly, is a good decision maker.


Purpose-orientation is O's nature and O considers the purpose on real life intensively. For example, a purpose to get occupations and  jobs, a purpose to seek the opposite sex, especially a purpose to hold the power. A type-O person doesn't show the zeal for the target isolated from real life.

When such purpose does not exist, a type-O person gets into awfully unstable. If the situation continues so long, it becomes like a cat in a sunny place.


The romantic expression of type O and the tendency to prefer such things seems to be contradictory to reality at first glance, but in reality, it is making an effect driving realistic behavior. Type-O person has the dual personality; romantic and realistic. But this is very superficial view. A romantic thinking usually doesn't become to an action. 



Shigeyuki Yamaoka (2001), A Psychology Book for not to Become a Useless Adult

山岡重行 ダメな大人にならないための心理学

Self report of personality from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree); Subjects are 649 university students who love blood-typical topics.

Good and Bad

Strongly purpose oriented

👍Person of action. Competent and skilled. Strong-willed.

👎Forcibly. Unevenness at work. Choose any means.


Straight desire

👍Passionate. affectionate. Direct feelings. Aggressiveness.

👎Gluttony. Strong lust, monopoly, selfishness.


Sensitive to power relationships

👍Ambitious. Loyalty.

👎Power oriented. careerism. (Conversely) abject.


Intensive gambler's characteristics

👍Guts. Hate losing. Throb. Decision.

👎Struggle right away. Distract. Not sticky.


Hate to be kept down

👍Independence. Autonomy. Unyielding. Self-respecting.

👎Quarrel fast. Rebellious. Not obedient but stubborn.


Romantic feelings

👍Dreams and ideals. Poetic. Rich in emotion.

👎Childish. Lip service. Cheap.


Realistic action and judgment

👍Good Practical and steadfast. Vitality. View of the big picture.

👎Calculating. Shrewd. Hireling.


Straight way of thinking

👍Frank. Nice. Excellent intuition.

👎Simple-minded. Rough and short. Arbitrary decision.


Making and awareness of friends

👍Warm. Take care of others. Friendship. Family-oriented.

👎Factional. Only family matters. Favoritism.


Love with physical intimacy

👍Humanity. Friendly. Openness.

👎Clingy. Insistent. Interfere with others.


Vigilant to outside peers

👍Careful. Not taken in. Tight lipped

👎Discrimination. Excessive self-defense. Nervous.


Love unique things

👍Respect individuality. Originality. Don't follow the crowd

👎Eccentric. Crazy. Picky.


Self-assertion and self-expression

👍Expressive. Clear and honest. Strong willed. Leadership.

👎Pushy. Too much self-advertisement. One word too many.


Skillful use of words

👍Logical. Persuasive. The story is easy to understand.

👎Glib talker. Argumentative. Disagreement of speech.


Have principles in action

👍Have a belief. Clear action. Don't sway.

👎Dogmatic. Pushy. Carriage horse.


Have a principle of conduct

👍Principled. Clear action. Not surreptitious.

👎Dogmatic. Intrusive.  Work like a horse.


No emotion left

👍Simple. Big-hearted. Tolerant.  Broad-minded.

👎Perfunctory. Insensitive to other's feelings.


Strong awareness of society

👍High political awareness. Take care of human relationships.

👎Nervous to people's likes and dislikes. Too political.

Dec. 8, 2019


I haven't really seen all the above characteristics. But fellow feelings, consciousness of sex distinction, generosity, reality and purpose-orientation are the vivid characteristics.