Personality of Each Blood Type

Here is a summary of each blood type:  A, B, O and AB. 

Type O

  • Strongly purpose-oriented
  • Straight desire
  • Conscious of power relationship
  • Know how to take chances
  • Dislike to be subordinate
  • Expressive

Type A

  • Considerate about everything
  • Prefer peaceful human relations
  • Slow to trust people
  • Observe social rules and customs
  • Regard social order as important
  • Restrain action and expression

Type B

  • Dislike restrictions and go own way
  • Non-stereotyped actions
  • Non-stereotyped thinking
  • Self-conscious and straight expressions
  • Less particular with things
  • Don't care social rules and customs

Type AB

  • Rational thinking
  • Good critic and analyst
  • Participate and contribute to the society
  • Good at adjusting human relations
  • Hope to be in harmony with the society
  • Feel distant from the society